Paul's Family Diner

Daily Specials & Soups

Daily Soups
Matzoh Ball and French Onion Soup Served Daily!

Served from 11am - 9pm

    *Monday*            *Tuesday*         *Wednesday*         *Thursday*             *Friday*
          Vegetable           Pasta Fagioli    Cream of Turkey             Lentil              Lobster Bisque
Yankee Bean          Vegetable                Lentil                 Minnestrone          Chicken Rice
Chicken Rice     Chicken Noodle        Chicken Rice       Chicken Noodle    Manhattan/New
England Clam Chowder

*Saturday*                 *Sunday*
Beef Barley                  Vegetable
Seafood Bisque            Chicken Rice
Chicken Rice    Cream of Spinach/Mushroom